Prepare your wardrobe to go back to the office

Prepare your wardrobe to go back to the office

For most of us, life after lockdown will involve heading back into the office. This four-part process will make sure youre ready to roll, sartorially speaking. Think of it as your wardrobe warrant of fitness. 


A few simple steps to refresh your wardrobe

The end of lockdown coincides with a change of season. This means you might well be pulling garments from your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day for some time. 

If a garment is clean but hasn’t been worn for a while, a clothes brush will remove any dust that has settled. This also gives you the chance to notice any stains or marks you might have forgotten about.

Following a quick brush, fresh air and sunshine are an ideal way to breathe new life into your garments. Hanging garments outside helps to freshen them up, just be careful not to hang garments in direct sunlight for too long as our high levels of UV can cause damage.

You might find tailored garments in need of spot cleaning, pressing or dry-cleaning. If you get these tasks done the first week you go back into the office, you won’t have to worry about it for another 6-12 months. Your local dry cleaner or Rembrandt store can take care of these for you.

Breathe new life into your garment with alterations & repairs

alterations and repair service for clothingAt Rembrandt’s head office, we have a team working on alterations and repairs each and every day. These skilled staff operate specialised sewing machines and pressing equipment to revitalise old garments.

If there is a garment in your wardrobe, from any brand, there is a good chance we can alter it to fit you better or give it a new life by attending to any necessary repairs. 

The most common alterations are taking in or letting out the waist of a suit, blazer or pair of trousers because let’s be honest, we’re all prone to gaining or losing a bit of weight over time. The complete list of alterations and repairs we can complete is comprehensive and includes shirts, jeans, chinos and outerwear. If in doubt, please ask us and don’t forget, Rembrandt VIP members receive 25% off the price of alterations.

For those of you with a needle and thread handy, you can sew on any loose buttons by following our simple guide hereIf you’re missing a button, we may be able to find you a replacement.

Pay it forward by passing on your pre-loved clothing

When looking through your wardrobe you will undoubtedly find some garments that fail to “spark joy” (to quote a well-known organising consultant, author and TV star). Wherever possible, please pass on your pre-loved garments to a new owner.  

Second-hand clothing stores are having a resurgence and many people sell their used garments on Trade Me. Alternatively, donating good quality clothing to charity shops yields a return in karma, if not in cash. 

Complete your wardrobe by filling in the missing pieces

By this stage of the process, you’ll know what’s staying in your wardrobe and you’ll be able to easily determine any gaps that need to be filled. 

As the days begin to get cooler, consider adding a new piece of knitwear. Our new Owaka polo can be worn in the office with a blazer, or at the weekend with a pair of jeans

Our Compton coat has become a winter essential thanks to its slim fit and contemporary styling. Most men wear it instead of a blazer, pairing it with a shirt, knitwear and chinos. However, the zip-out vest allows it to be worn in a more traditional fashion, over a suit

Lastly, consider adding a new blazer. Along with chinos, blazers have become de rigueur in the modern business-casual work environment. Rembrandt has an excellent selection of fabrics and styles available, and our staff will be happy to help you select one that’s right for you. 

We're always here to help

We pride ourselves on our service and even if our stores are closed, we’re here to help in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us by emailFacebookInstagram or via the live chat feature on our website.


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