Men's Cufflinks

These cufflinks for men prove that the devil is in the detail when it comes to putting together a sharp office suit or knockout tuxedo. Crafted from lustrous metal with an eye-catching gleam, this selection of styles will see you through both business meetings and extravagant events. The simplicity of a minimalist square or a textured circle is a subtle way to bring flair to your look, or why not opt for black cufflinks for stylish contrast against a white shirt?


Men’s Cufflinks

Team your shirt and sleeves together with a pair of cufflinks that combine effortless functionality and elegance. Designed to make a subtle statement, Rembrandt’s collection of cufflinks, NZ includes smooth and textured metal in a range of stylish yet simplistic shapes.

When putting together a sophisticated suit, a tie and cufflinks are the cherry on top. And you can’t go wrong when pairing the two together since this range is made up of cufflinks with a contemporary silver finish. Even better, their lustre adds an eye-catching gleam to your wrists.

If you want to push the boundaries with your choice of cufflinks, why not opt for a bold block colour? Finalize a sharp tuxedo with a pair of black cufflinks that will coordinate with your suit jacket and trousers while creating a dramatic effect against a plain white shirt. Whatever style you choose, these cufflinks for men will bring a touch of charm to your ensemble.

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