Men's Business Socks

You’ve put together a sharp office suit, there’s just one thing missing — the right socks. Designed to complete your professional look, our work socks are cut from a blend of breathable fabrics that offer stretch, durability and all-day comfort. Rembrandt’s top tip is to match the colour of your socks to your trousers, not your shoes. Keep things strictly business with classic black socks or opt for polka dot patterns to add a playful touch to your officewear.


Men’s Business Socks

Shopping for officewear essentials? Discover premium-quality mens work socks NZ, designed to elevate your professional look. Cut from superior quality fabrics with moisture-wicking qualities, these mens socks are designed to provide day-to-night comfort and freshness.

Muted colours and minimalist patterns characterise this collection of cotton socks, lending to a look of understated elegance. Black socks are a foolproof option that will go with any suit, while navy socks add more character to your outfit. Or why not be bolder with some patterned dress socks? This refined range consists of stylish polka-dot socks in various colours.

To create a classic look, Rembrandt recommends pairing the shade of your socks to match your trousers — not your shoes. And if you want to make a trendy yet subtle statement, coordinate your socks with the colour of your shirt or tie (the brighter, the better).

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