Blunt Umbrella

Blunt has revolutionised a traditional product by fusing superior engineering with impeccable design. Featuring the signature Blunt™ shape, these ultra-stylish umbrellas are the only ones on the market with a fully tensioned canopy for unparalleled performance and maximum coverage during a downpour. And it gets better: they are complete with easy-grip handles and a sturdy and compact structure so that you can dash through busy crowds without taking up too much street space. What more could you want from an umbrella?


Blunt Umbrella

Did you know that millions of umbrellas break in very ordinary weather conditions and end up in landfills? World-renowned brand Blunt Umbrella NZ is on a mission to change this, enabling people to transition from disposable and sustainable using stylish, built-to-last umbrellas.

Combining innovative technology with form-meets-function design, Blunt creates umbrellas that have uncompromised durability and performance, as well as a unique aesthetic that elevates your everyday look. Boasting strong and sturdy features, the exclusive fully-tensioned canopy and easy-grip handles will allow you to securely shield yourself from the elements.

We’ve stocked the Blunt Classic and Metro models that vary in size. The original design is full-size and it’s an ideal companion for all-day-long downpours, whereas the metro counterpart is compact, convenient and collapsible — a must-have device for the urban dweller. Both types come with a matching colour sleeve so you can slide these umbrellas away with ease when the sun is shining.

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