Custom Tailoring

Made to Measure

Tailor made to help you stand out in the right way, elevate your style with a custom suit, shirt, waistcoat or overcoat. You’ll get a perfect fit, complete with choice of fabric, cut, lining and details.

Custom Tailoring

Made to fit and made to last

You can trust us to make you look good and make your made-to-measure experience easy — after all, we’ve been in this business for over 70 years. Money can’t buy the reputation we’ve earned, but it can buy you a very good suit.


step 1

Measuring and fitting

One of our specially-trained team will take your exact measurements and study your posture to ensure the perfect fit

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step 2

Fabric and accent selection

You’ll choose from our carefully curated range of fabrics, then select the lining, buttons and other details. We’ll be on hand to advise you.

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step 3

Style and fit

We’ll guide you on the choice of style and fit that best suits your body type and lifestyle.

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step 4

Pattern, cutting and sewing

We’ll make a pattern based on your measurements, then cut and sew your selected fabrics.

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step 5

Quality Control

Your garment isn’t complete until we’ve given it a final check to make sure it’s perfect.

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step 6

The final fitting

Your made-to-measure suit or garment is ready for you. Occasionally, we’ll make further small alterations, but most of the time you’re ready to walk out the door in your new best outfit.

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Made to Measure Pricing


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Morning Coat

from $1600