Men's Overcoats

You can’t get any more flattering than the overcoat. It projects confidence and authority — widening the shoulders and lengthening the body to enhance the male silhouette. Upgrade your outerwear with a practical yet sophisticated long coat; expertly crafted from premium merino wool blends to provide warmth and protect you from the elements. 


Maximize your style points (and stay warm) with classic men’s overcoats. Layering will never go out of fashion and it’s a great way to add depth and intrigue to your outfit — whether you’re preserving your sophisticated office look outdoors or dressing for a winter weekend getaway.

Commuting to work in the colder months means smart outerwear is in order. Many of our styles incorporate locally sourced merino wool that offers natural insulation and superior breathability, as well as resistance to wind and rain to ensure you’re protected from the elements. You can also wrap up in raincoats without compromising your professional aesthetic.

While a black overcoat seamlessly blends with just about anything you may be wondering what to wear with a grey overcoat? Complete this contemporary colour palette with other muted tones like black, burgundy and navy. If you’re looking for a tailored coat, don’t forget to use REMBRANDT’s made to measure service.

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