Men’s Two-Trouser Suits

What happens when half of your favourite suit succumbs to inevitable wear and tear? You lose the entire outfit. Rembrandt recommends doubling your suit's life expectancy by opting for an extra pair of trousers — all included with the suits in this range. Here you’ll discover our sharp Cooper suits, ideal for both your working wardrobe and formal clothing collection. Each one is tailored from breathable Merino wool with moisture-wicking properties for maximum comfort.


Men’s Two-Trouser Suits

You’ve probably already gathered that Rembrandt specializes in sophisticated suits NZ, but did you know that it has a bespoke collection of two-trouser suits? This means that with every suit jacket comes two pairs of tailored trousers so that you can get the most out of your suit.

Wondering why we have launched this unique collection when our trousers are already of a superior standard? A good suit only makes a suave impression when both components are in good shape, and since trousers are inevitably more susceptible to weathering over time, it’s worth doubling up on dress pants NZ to prolong the life of your entire outfit.

Sharp and understated, these suits belong to the Cooper range, crafted from pure Merino wool. A navy suit is ideal for the office when teamed with a crisp white shirt and tie, while a grey suit makes a great wedding guest outfit when paired with a patterned shirt and pocket square.

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