The Made to Measure Process

The Made to Measure Process

Measuring & fitting

We’ll take your measurements and study your posture during your first fitting. We provide special training to our team, to make sure your made to measure garment fits perfectly.


Fabric selection & accents

Select fabric from our carefully curated selection or from thousands of fabrics available through cloth merchants such as Holland & Sherry and Reda. After choosing the fabric it’s time to select the lining, buttons and contrast threads.


Style & fit 

Determine what style and fit you would like for your custom-tailored garment. Our expert tailors will offer guidance on the ideal style that would suit your body type.

Front finish - single and double-breasted


Breast pockets

Side pockets


Back finish

Sleeve finish and button spacing

Edge finish

Trousers and waistcoats

Much like your suit jacket, the style can be customised to your preference. 


Pattern, cutting & sewing

A pattern is made based on your unique set of measurements, then the cloth you selected is cut and sewn.

Quality control & final fitting

Your garment isn’t complete until we’ve given it a final check, it will only be delivered once we’re satisfied that it’s perfect.

When your suit is ready for collection, we do a final fitting to make sure it's just as you imagined. If your not 100% happy we’ll make one or more small alterations, but most of the time it’s ready for you to wear and enjoy.


Still wondering if made to measure is the right choice for you? Visit us in-store now for a consultation. 


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